By day, Libertador Morales is an honest motorcycle-taxi driver in Caracas and a law abiding citizen. While struggling to pick up the pieces of his love life, he falls in love with Daisy, a receptionist and single mother devoted to her sickly six-year-old boy.

At night, Libertador dons a disguise to become El Justiciero, an avenging motorcycle hero who foils the crime spree of a local street gang, which leaves authorities puzzled and garners the praises of a grateful community. But a big surprise awaits our hero as he pursues his dangerous mission.

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Genre: Ficción.
Format: 35mm.
Length: 105 Min.
Nationality: Venezuela.
Year: 2009.

Written and directed by: Efterpi Charalambidis.
Produced by: Lorena Almarza y Marco Mundaraín.
Executive Producer: Alejandro Medina.
General Production: Carlos Marchán.
Director of Photography: Rigoberto Senarega.
Editor: Judilam Goncalves Montilla.
Original Music: Aquiles Báez.
Art Director: Matías Tikas.
Sound: Eleazar Moreno Ortiz.
Casting Director: Beto Benites.