By day, Libertador Morales is an honest motorcycle-taxi driver in Caracas and a law abiding citizen. While struggling to pick up the pieces of his love life, he falls in love with Daisy, a receptionist and single mother devoted to her sickly six-year-old boy.

At night, Libertador dons a disguise to become El Justiciero, an avenging motorcycle hero who foils the crime spree of a local street gang, which leaves authorities puzzled and garners the praises of a grateful community. But a big surprise awaits our hero as he pursues his dangerous mission.

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Efterpi Charalambidis received her Master of Fine Arts in Film from Columbia University (New York) in 2002 and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Media from Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas.

As an actress she trained with various Venezuelan theater groups and made use of these talents as a resident theater director for the Greek Cultural Center in New York City. Prior to the release of Libertador, Ms. Charalambidis wrote and directed independent short films and documentaries in the U.S and Venezuela. Her first short Niko´s Restaurant, filmed in the U.S., won awards for Best Actor and Best Editing at the Columbia University Film Festival in 2001. Her second short film, El Chancecito (A Little Chance), shot in Caracas, was released in the United States in 2003, where it won numerous awards, including the New Line Cinema Award for Best Director and the Lifetime Television Award for Best Female Director. In Venezuela, El Chancecito garnered awards for Best Director and Best Narrative Short from the National Film Board of Venezuela (CNAC), Best Director and Best Photography from the County (Premio Municipal de Cine), and awards for Best Music, Art, Supporting Actress, Best Leading Actor and Best Leading Actress from ANAC, the Venezuelan filmmaker´s guild. El Chancecito was subsequently released in commercial theaters as pre-feature entertainment for the film-theater network Cines Unidos in Venezuela.


Grifo, clay animation, 30 sec, video, 1991

Niko´s Restaurant, fiction, 22 min, 16 mm, 2001

El Chancecito (A Little Chance), fiction, 22 min, 35 mm, 2004

Todos los niños somos iguales, documentary, 25 min, video, 2006

Vengo a recitarles, documentary, 20 min, video, 2006

El Pueblo es la Cultura, 15 short documentaries, video, 2006

Derecho Laboral (Short Story Series), fiction, 17 min, HDV, 2006

Dulce de Lechoza (Short Story Series), fiction, 18 min, HDV, 2006

Bolívar eterno, ciudadano de la libertad, TV movie, 40 min, HD, 2007

Libertador Morales, El Justiciero, fiction, 105 min, 35 mm, 2009